Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kisa Corvin doing HARD CORE BDSM PORN?? WHAT???

Yes, I am. ^_^ in my personal life, off camera, I am into some hardcore shit that barely anyone knows about. I have always had a secret wish of having a special someone (a dominant guy) who I was committed to and him to me, who I could actually film some of our playtime together and sell it. 

Well my dream came true! Finn and I are going to be letting the camera roll while we play. We are taking specific video request also if you have a specific fantasy you would like to see us both in ^_^ we have created a clips4sale account to sell our videos on but C4$ is REALLY FUCKING LAME, because we can't sell the more hardcore shit, like blood play, rape play, sex during bondage play, its all against their rules for their site....SOOOO until we get a members site up and running where you can buy them, simply Paypal him or I the money for the video you would like to purchase (picture previews for ALL will be posted on my KisaCorvin fetlife profile), and I can send it to you over skype (only skype because skype rocks and is really fast).

I get A LOT of requests to see me deep throat my Daddies monster of a cock, I mean LOOK at it! 

So yes, deep throat videos will happen A LOT, though we are considering doing a training series first...because he is so big..I will need practice ^_^

        Here is our list of what we will NEVER do on camera (or off camera  for that matter)
  • scat play (which includes MY tongue on assholes, he is okay with rimming)
  • golden showers
  • menstrual blood play (other blood play yes, yummy!), 
  • beastiality.(sex with REAL animals NO, sex PRETENDING to be animals YES)
  • Him doing ANYTHING submissive. lol
  • Me, in diapers, where I poop or pee, big fat NO on that one, willing to wear them if they remain clean however.
  • Him putting his mouth on my feet or me putting my mouth on his feet.

 I would LOVE to get lots of requests for videos from anyone who sees this posting, if you just want to see vanilla sex, thats fine too! We will do ANYTHING (that isn't on our NO list lol). We aim to please the fans. ^_^

Also! We are willing to do live paid cam sessions! anything we film for our site we are willing to do LIVE just for your enjoyment!!! Just use paypal to pay us! depending on what you want to see us do, it goes from pay per minute to pay per half hour. We are here to be naughty exhibitionists, and to make a little cash so we don't go homeless or hungry while we have our fun! 

We are really cornering the market here, I don't know of any sites were you can pay to watch an actual rape for instance. ^_^ you want to see him and I fight it out FOR REAL and him rape the fuck out of me? We do that for fun anyways, we don't mind voyeurs! You wanna see him slice my flesh with a yummy sharp blade? YOU CAN! and for a reasonable price too! Do you have a specific fantasy you have been dying to see on video? EMAIL YOUR FANTASY TO US! Here is our email below:

The more details you send in for the fantasy you would like to see come to life, the better we can please you. If you want specific costumes, or anything like that, you can buy it for him or I on my Amazon wishlist account, tell me what it is, I will add it to my wishlist, and you can send it to me for the video you would like to see. 

We are VERY open minded, so don't be shy! I respond to EVERY email (that is for actual work, and the person is being for real). 

And trust me, he may be adorable, but don't think he can't look scary as all hell! I should know *yelps*, I just don't have a picture of his "scary" look :-P

So please, feel free to write me your fantasy, and I will respond with my questions if I have any, and keep your email active so I can write you when it is filmed so you can buy it! I will send everyone ONE preview picture of each video I send, just ONE picture, no more no less. These same pictures shall be posted on my work profile under the name KisaCorvin, if you would like to follow me on there as well! 

I look forward to ALL of your request and donations. I like to have fun, but I would also like to get more well known as a model to. Making videos is something I love with all my heart and I enjoy it so much. Every time you purchase a video I am in, my name gets out there that much more! Thank you for all the support!



I am getting the BEST 21st birthday present EVER my DADDIE!!! omg omg omg omg omg

July 10th I am going to be turning 21!! I can finally "legally" drink alcohol :-P. But the best thing about THIS birthday THIS


I know he is younger then me, but with.."wuv" knows no age :-P my last boyfriend/guy/master whatever you call him (was never sure what title he had) he was 38, so age really doesn't matter to me.

Things are going fantastic between Finn and I. I never thought I would be the type of person who could make a long distance relationship work...and BELIEVE me, it is HARD at times... him and I..argue..sometimes, but we always get past it. I just can't wait until he is out here, I am so excited for him to come visit...and for him to MOVE OUT HERE!!!! He is nervous about moving out here because he doesn't know anyone etc, the same fears I had before I moved to California for the first time when I was 18....I think he just obsesses more then I do over small details. when I was 18 I knew it was a irresponsible decision, but I knew I would make it, not sure how I knew, but I knew I wouldn't die out there, or live under a park bench or anything. and to this day it has remained true, never slept under a bench and my heart is still beating...

but now my heart beats for one single handsome, well endowed, amazing man named Finn. ^_^ He has flaws, as do I..but the special thing is, we accept each other they way we are..and that is why I know it is for real. Sometimes he just wants to rip my head off because I am going through a "female/girly stupid emotional over no real reason" period, and sometimes I wanna kick him really hard because he is all "i am a man and I don't know how to put myself into your shoes to see your POV" but we look past that and see what wonderful people we both are in each other eyes, and everything works out in the end.

-Finn and I are going to be filming hardcore porn together, details on that is coming in my second blog, look for it!-

Being with Finn, in long distance..has made me happier and more hopeful for a love filled future then any guy I have ever been with in person. So I can only imagine how I will feel when he is actually here in person and I get to wake up next to him everyday. I have such strong emotions for him, I can't even explain it half the time.... He is the first man I have been with whom I want all to myself..sure maybe some threesome or orgy fun if the mood strikes us time to time..but I would never be okay with him sleeping with someone else without me there...(at least that is how I feel currently), so with both us feeling that way, we have agreed to have a monogamous relationship, and it was his idea. He hates the idea of sharing me with another man without him present...and honestly I really like that possessiveness. But because of my past relationship, I told him I would not agree to that unless he agreed to not sleep with any girls without me there also, you know what he told me? "Baby, you are the only girl I want or need" or something to that effect. ^_^ I really do have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world. seriously. 

I am his little puppie named Friskers, his sub, his slave, his girlfriend, and hopefully one day more. He is my Daddie, my Alpha, My Master, my Dom, my Owner, my Boyfriend, and hopefully one day more. ^_^

I knew from the first conversation I ever had with him on the phone the first night we started talking (we talked for like 4-6 hours or something) that he is a guy I could fall hard for, and every day that passes I see that becoming more and more true. He is my Daddie, forever and I, his puppie. He is everything I need and ever dreamed of having in a man. Huge cock, funny, laid back, nerdy, handsome, sexy, tall, dark, sadistic, dominant, furry, playful, party animal, and much much more. He is my everything, and I hope he keeps me forever ^_^


Sunday, April 15, 2012

He is my Alpha, He is my Daddie, He is Daddie_Finn on fetlife

I met him not to long ago.. and me and him keep talking about how strange it is about how close and connected we first it scares us both, and to be still scares me some. He is in PA..and I am in CA.. This is our only problem right now. He is moving out to California ^.^ We are working extra hard to get him out here...its gonna cost a lot, and we are planning on stopping by my parents house in SC to get my car then drive to CA from will be a long road trip. ^__^ It will take a few months to get this all accomplished, especially since NO ONE fucking wants to hire me apparently.. sigh...or shoots or sessions right now.. everyone wants trade shoots or they are offering a ridiculously low price :-((. sigh, but I know we will make it work. I trust him. ^.^ SO IF ANYONE READING THIS WANTS TO BUY SOMETHING FROM ME, OR HIRE ME FOR ANYTHING GO TO MY FETLIFE PROFILE UNDER THE NAME KISACORVIN AND CHECK ME OUT PLEASE NEED MONEY ASAP!!

I have discovered so much about myself in this short time.. a secret of mine was I always thought it was fun to pretend to be a little kitten or a wolf...apparently that is a fetish called being a "furry" who knew? So now I get to be Daddies little puppie ^__^ and I have honestly never felt more like myself or this happy before. I get to be playful all the time! And the times that I am bad (sexually) Daddie has VERY interesting ways of punishing me ^_^ hehe and one of the things i just WOOF Daddie we talked about real life issues..and he is the type to punish me (for realz not play) for certain things... blew my mind.. He is the the only person since I was in HS (where I was never spanked just fantasized about it) that brought out the twisty tummy feeling that little girls get right before they are spanked by Daddie...and the look he gets in his eyes...when i disobey (which rarely happens..i avoid getting THAT look) it makes me all sad and pouty like almost instantly.....but what I am trying to express is that we have talked about everything each other likes...somethings we were both worried the other person would be weirded out by, and it turns out we love the same things sexually! ^_^ I feel I can really be honest with him and he will not judge me or throw me away..he makes me feel special ALL day EVERY day....and I have never had a guy have that much interest in me makes me want to please him and obey him without question...cus he makes me so confident that he will never get rid of me..^__^ that is a problem I had in my past...I never felt emotionally close or number one priority to ANYONE, so I never felt the desire to obey and please them without question...I understand the dynamic of a D/s relationship...but its still a two way street..I can't be treated like a fuck buddy and be expected to give up my life to obey that person... I need intimacy..I need to feel like I am NOT expendable to themmm..and that is what Daddie does for me..He is always telling me how cute I am, telling me how much I mean to him, telling me he can't wait for me to come visit and that he wishes he were in CA right now..stuff like that..every day multiple times during the day.. I get constant reassurance that it is NOT just me being more committed then the other person...that i am not putting myself out on a broken limb, that he truly wants his puppie with him and that he does not doubt how important I am to him... 

It is hard for me to express emotions..and I have even told him this, and he said that was okay we would work on it..on our communication.. I am always worried about showing him how much I care, for him not to care as much as I do...but every time i turn around.. he surprises me..and blows my mind and says or texts me something very special....that just makes me KNOW I am important in his life...and that it is okay to share with him how special he is to me...because not matter how clingy and lovey dovey his puppie gets..he will not get scared away and get rid of me. ^__^ 

I am soooo excited to go see him (crosses fingers it happens next month) in PA...I wanna spend 2 weeks with my Daddie out there! He keeps talking about wanting to show me off to his friends and family..and well no one has ever wanted to "show me off" before..most of my past ppl wanted to "keep me a secret"...and when he says stuff like that I wish I could just GLOMP him!! for realz!! I feel like my Daddie will keep me safe..whether its from nightmares at night, or real life danger...I can just see it in his deep eyes..He is my in a wolf pack, he is my leader, and my protector..and I am his female...mates for life. ^_^ 

I am so excited for him to put my collar around my neck.. ^_^ and for him to walk me around in front of his friends and at his rave things he has out there where everyone knows I am his....and everyone knows...he is MY Daddie... I am not normally possessive or a jealous person with it comes to certain things...but with him being my Daddie..I have to admit..I do not want him to be anyone else's Daddie but mine...I wanna have fun sexual adventures with him with threesomes and foursomes...but...weirdly enough....I have serious qualms with him having sex with a girl without me there and being involved...which in my past I could easily make myself not give two shits about...but Daddie is very important to me....and i feel horrible..but I just dun wanna share him...I wanna be his ONLY puppie...his ONLY babygirl...and his forever Alpha slave....his num one pet ^_^
of course I acknowledge this is all up to him whether I get what i want or not, I'm not making demands..and i haven't really even expressed this to him in detail yet...cus I don't feel its my place to...but its how I feel.. and I still do want a girlfriend to play around with and I am willing to share my amazing sexy handsome extremely well hung Daddie with her too..but only if she is super into me, like is close with me and I can trust her not to steal Daddie......and as of right could change as time passes..but as of right now..i only want to share him if I am involved sexually too at the time.....

So I just wanted to share how amazing my Daddy is...and how specialz he is to his little puppie... go to his fetlife account to see how breath taking and amazingly hung my Daddie is! Yummy! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kyle Johnson

I was just thinking about my friendship with Kyle. Over this past two plus years that I have been friends with Kyle, me and him have had our fights and not talked for a while, and he even stopped being my disciplinarian etc, but even after a lot of drama that happened between me and him, not to mention the drama that always seems to find him, with his break up with his ex that you all know, and other people in the scene that find a reason to hate him that I involved myself in to defend him etc me and him always end up friends again in the end. I can see now that there is no way fate will let me "get rid of him" as a friend. ^_^ He is always there for me when I really need a friend, and no matter what has happened in our past together, we always forgive each other, he spanks me, and we move on. Kyle is a complicated person, and I am not sure why or how he remains in my life after some of the things we have went through together, but I am stoked me and him are best friends. I may not jump to defend him all the time (mainly because I don't have that much time on my hands with all his stalkers/haters haha) but I know who he is as a person. A lot of people misunderstand him, and at times he lets his emotions get the best of him, but he is human and people don't seem to understand that lol. I know him better than anyone in the scene right now, and I know he has a big heart and loves helping people, like generally, just helping people. I have never met a person who just loves to help people with their problems like him, he is very genuine about that, and that is what makes him a good person in my book. Sure, as all Dom's are he can be selfish at times, but he is very giving and selfless where it actually matters. Sure, he still have growing to do and learns new things about himself and things in the scene everyday like we all do, but as far as where his intentions go and where his heart lies, he is an amazing person, and I am so happy that he is in my life, and just so everyone is aware, no matter who I date in the future, he will always be an important friend in my life, and I will always love being spanked by him.

(the funny thing is he is sitting right next to me and has no idea I am writing this hehe!)

just fun thoughts for the day ^_^

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rules for ALL of my private sessions of any fetish type!

I am a for real, Pro Domme and Pro Sub and I am going to go ahead and list my rules just so that I don't have to keep repeating myself to people who message me for sessions :-) Just to make it easier on everyone.

-touching of my pussy
-penetration of any kind on me or you (no oral, no anal, no vaginal with ANYTHING)
-I will never touch your penis or let it touch me.
-dismembering or permanent scarring, any lasting damage to my body.
-watersports ON ME
-ABSOLUTELY NO scat play (that also means I will NEVER do ATM)
-menstrual blood play
-I will not worship YOUR feet, but you may worship mine.

Things I will Allow:
I will beat you hard if you like, or play soft if you are a wimp. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but if you mark me, it will cost you more because I have modeling shoots quite often and it could make me loose a shoot. I can tie you up, or be tied up. I will piss on you if that is your thing. I have adorable feet and you may worship them if you beg me. You may worship me in a ATM fashion if that so suits you, but I will not return the favor. If there is a fetish that is not on my "NO" list above I am most likely open to trying it if I haven't tried it before :-) and in a BDSM scene I will always use a safe word, usually it is "RED" since that is the most commonly recognized.

Remember, I am Pro Domme, and Pro Sub, meaning I do not play for free. If that is not your thing, its alright, don't message me :-) hehe! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 11, 2011 and !!!!!! Check it out!

I finally have my store up and running!
This is my C4S, it will have a tons of M/m, F/f, F/m and M/f spanking videos! I hope to get my actual site up and running after I get my clip4sale store up and going. I already bought the domain names for the stores! As soon as I shoot come content for my kink site, I will get a clips4sale store open for! This store will have whippings, foot worship, bondage, etc. :-) pretty much almost everything else kinky other than spanking! :-) I am so excited to finally have this up and running! I really hope I make enough sales for my little venture to move forward :-) My goal is to have both C4S up and running and bringing in a good amount of money and get enough feedback on it to move forward into my domain name site. :-) I can't express how excited I am about doing this! I really hope my fetish model career takes off!!! :-) :-)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I havent posted in a long time because I was just feeling uninspired, sorry guys.

Well I just got home from Crimson Moon the other day. I dont even have the energy to rant about how horrible airlines were. I missed a day and half of the party so i did not get to play with everyone I had hoped, and I got NO me and sissy time with my big sister Molly (Naughty Freckles). :-( I did have fun while I was there, just not as much as texas or BBW since I missed the majority of the party. I am hoping I get to play more with SuburbanSpanker when I run into him next party for sure. :-) He is on my list *evil laugh* Jk Phil. :-P Well Robert beat me with the Sjambock once again... the last time I will ever be beaten with it again, though I might ask him for  a couple nice strokes in the near future, he is pretty good at treating my butt like an etcha-sketch (sp?), though my white skin always shows pretty cane marks and such. I dont think I will refuse an order from Robert again though, he has followed through on everyone of his threats (promises wtfe :-P ). I can never accuse him of not following through... and I can make a promise of my own.. I will never procrastinate on something he tells me to do again.. not mentioning specifics. lol.
Oh, Paul bought me this awesome flogger as well!! I had it used on me a ton! When Paul used it on me, it was a different.. experience for sure :-P I love it, Robert is pretty good with a flogger too.... that is when he can control his sadistic urges to make me scream :-P though part of me gets off on that anyways :-P AND i got to flog someone for the first time, like actually flog :-) Ms Lily was my first :-) hehe she took my flogging cherry as it were. I flogged her twice that last night they were there and i even got to beat robert with it. :-P he fell asleep from it. (but hes not a switch you should have seen his face when i hit his ass with it lmfao totally worth it). Lily said I flogged pretty good for a newbie :-) its a real work out though. :-) next time I hang with my couple crush I am def bring my awesome flogger :-)
To further my blog, I will get a little more personal..
here lately i have found myself getting rather sad that I do not have a Daddy (scene daddy not blood daddy lol I got one of those), I mean I know I gotta be a "grown up" but I want a Daddy who will take care of me, punish me when needed, guide me, and help me grow as a person, and gives me lots of attention. :-( sigh. It seems all of my friends have a daddy, even if its a non sexual daddy you know? I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself, I have alot of guys contact me, but no one seems to have a spark or click just right with me. I am not sure exactly what I want just yet, but I will know when I find it I guess right? Hopefully I will find my own Daddy who will protect me, and teach me, and love me for me.
now that I am done whining about things I dont have :-P  I will go find some clothes and go dry my hair, get ready n stuff (just got out of shower) :-) sorry I didnt post for a while. :-)